Could becoming your own recruitment boss change your life?

If you are getting tired of working for an organisation or you feel suffocated by the corporate culture or the strict 9 to 5 or 8 to 6 routine, it may be time to consider working for yourself.

If you are an experienced recruiter and feel you have what it takes, but you’re not quite sure if self-employment is right for you, here are some reasons why becoming a freelance recruiter or starting your own recruitment firm could be the best decision you’ll ever make…

No more answering to bosses

Once you start independently, the only person you would have to answer to is you. Starting your own business is never going to be easy but with hard work and determination, it can be extremely rewarding and financially very lucrative. You will constantly self-analyse your actions and strive to be better until you become successful.

Make a much as you want

The more effort you put in the more successful you will become and the knock-on effect of that is more invoices out of the door. If you work smart and hard what used to take 3 months to earn can take you 3 weeks as you won’t be hindered by only taking 15 or 20% of what you bill. It’s really in your hands how much you can earn and the sky is the limit!

Free yourself from the office walls

As an independent recruiter, you can work from anywhere you like — from the beach, at a coffee shop, in a park while watching your kids play. The restriction to commute to your office every day and to stay there for a fixed number of hours will be a thing of the past now.

It would be beneficial for you to create a small space for yourself – a room, a small desk area, or shared office space. Sometimes, having a dedicated office space can help you get moving and getting things done, can separate personal and professional, giving you a much clearer divide between work and home.

Make your own schedule

You will no longer have to work around your office hours – now you make your own schedule and change it whenever you like it. Do you like mornings? Start early. Don’t like mornings? Start later. Can’t work during daytime as you have family or other commitments? Do your work at night? You can do things as per your own preference.

You can schedule your work around candidates and clients, around calls and meetings, making it easier to manage your time and giving you much more flexibility. It also means you are more productive with your time and you’re not just sat at your desk performing tasks because your KPI’s tell you to.

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