5 benefits to working from home

Remote working is now becoming more commonplace and is gradually unshackling workers from their office desks.

According to the Office for National Statistics, around 50% of the UK workforce will work remotely by 2020, based on the fact that the number has increased by a quarter of a million over a decade. This is largely in thanks to changing attitudes and ever-improving network capabilities.

So, with its increased popularity, the question now becomes, is this way of working suitable for everyone?

There are generally two schools of thought associated with working from home.

While one group feels that working from home is unproductive, the others are firm believers that working from home means happier and productive workers.

The right answer mainly depends on what kind of a personality you have, and whether you can you give your best while working from home or not.

Some people choose to work from home because it reduces their stress and greatly increases their productivity. Also, it is suggested that working from home is beneficial for employers as well because they save operational costs in the long run.

But not every job can be done from home. A plumber, policeman, and judge are some professions that require individuals to be available on site for their respective work to be done. But a work from home policy can easily be implemented in a few industries including recruitment.

Here are some of the potential benefits to working from home…

Fewer distractions, more productivity

Working from home means fewer distractions. There will no other recruiters around you to disturb, so you can solely focus on your work and get things done in a timely manner. No taking other peoples calls and messages, no tea runs, “catch ups” or meetings for meetings sake. You manage your day and work to your own schedule.

Work in a comfortable environment

You can work in any style you want. Want to work on your laptop while in bed? Do it! Want to draft your strategy while watching your favourite movie? Do that! Want to check your emails during your gym time? You can do that too! Since you will have total control of your surroundings, you can transform your work environment into one that is most beneficial to you. An office environment isn’t compulsory. To be a good recruiter all you need is a laptop, a phone and bags of enthusiasm and drive.

Good for your health

There are several reasons why working from home could be better for you. First and foremost, stress reduction. Being away from managers, office politics and commuting stress, often helps people feel more content. Secondly, with more time in the day, there’s the opportunity to set up your own schedule to include exercise and downtime or hobbies.

Take lunch and walk the dog or have a run. Balance is important, but that doesn’t mean you don’t work as hard. In fact, the knock-on effect can be that you work harder but have much less stress.

Save money

By working from working, you’ll save money on fuel or commuting as well as saving money on lunch, snacks, and clothes.

More quality time and a better work/life balance

When you work from home you can spend much more of your time with your family or friends. You can easily pick the kids up from school, drop them to their swimming class and attend their sports day, all without upsetting your boss. You can even adjust your schedule according to your children’s requirement.

If you love sport or play for a team, all of this can become part of your day/week without the eye rolling from peers or managers as you shut down at 5pm to go and play football.

Parents, check your emails early in the morning, make a few calls after dropping the kids to school and work late in the evening after putting the kids to bed. There is so much you can do and you are less likely miss out on your family or time with friends and loved ones once you are home-based.

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